Welcome to the blog!

Hey there my sweet friends! I’m so excited to now extend my brand, Bloom Beauty into the blogoshere.

Here you will be able to find my thoughts on everything from hair & beauty, to travel, to spirituality & self love. My intention for this blog is to have a creative outlet as well as a resource for all of my friends and clients alike. I want to share all of the things I love and I hope that through it I am able to somehow encourage or inspire you.

So for my very first blog post I thought I would address a question that I get asked all the time by my friends and clients… What exactly is balayage and is it for me?

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Clients come and sit in my chair all the time and they’ve heard the term balayage, but they aren't quite sure what it is. So, here’s the breakdown!

Balayage is a hair lightening technique that dates back to 1970’s era Paris at the Carita Salon. Using a thin brush Yvan with a sweeping motion applied lightening paste across the hair creating a soft cascade of color.

Balayage is the most sought after hair trend today. Non-Industry women and hairstylists alike love it for it’s natural sunkissed look that is both modern and low-maintenance.

Balayage is a technique that can be utilized to create a variety of different color combinations. Blondes, brunettes, and even redheads can achieve dimension through hair painting. Although balayage can be used for bold or dramatic looks, its best suited for something more subtle.

 Balayage is a specialty technique and therefore requires hairstylists like myself to have additional knowledge on the subject. I’ve been trained in balayage with professionals such as Wella, Shannon Keel, and Ashlee Norman. With the teachings from these resources and my own experience I am able to provide a service I am not only proud of but something I deeply enjoy as an artist.

It is my intention to end each of my posts with something I have found deeply powerful in my own life the use of affirmations, so follow along and repeat after me...

Affirmation: I am worthy, I am beautiful, & I am resilient

(The more times you say this throughout your day the more powerful it is!)

Thank you for the continued support of Bloom Beauty, I’m excited to see how this journey unfolds.

With Love,