Provincial Life; Part Two Of Our Vacation to France

This summer my husband and I took our very first vacation to Europe. We enjoyed 12 magical days in France exploring both the city of Paris and the countryside of Provence. Part two of our vacation began with hopping the TGV 3 hours through the countryside to the charming town of Aix-En-Provence. Our Air BnB was about a mile from the city center. It was perfectly delightful with romantic landscaping and a glimmering pool. The ideal place to relax after being in the city. Right away we visited the Franprix to stock our kitchenette with all our essentials cheese, bread, & wine! We spent the hot afternoon eating outside and cooling off in the pool. The city was quiet that evening on our sunset walk to dinner.

The next day we visited Chateau du Seuil where we wandered the expansive grounds including the vineyard and gardens and then enjoyed a tasting of the most divine selection of wines. This region of France is known for the rosé, my favorite! Truly one of my favorite experiences of the trip. Provence had the clearest crystal blue skies that was never marbled by clouds. The landscape of the countryside was so breathtaking filled with olive tree fields, vineyards, lavender, and sunflowers in the heat of the summer everything was buzzing and heavy in full bloom.

In the center of town there were fountains and people pouring in and out of cafes. The language barrier here was a little harder to manage but we got by alright. We walked through alleyways and found a local Tapas restaurant. Our afternoons were spent enjoying lunch and the hustle and bustle of downtown before we retreated to the pool with a bottle of Chateau du Seuil rosé.

I treasured our time in Aix-En-Provence and enjoyed the luxury of relaxing and the magic in the simple moments.


I find joy and gratitude in simplicity