Essentials of Essential Oils

As I get older I have become increasingly aware of all the dangerous toxins and chemicals we are all frequently exposed to though our products. It is my personal goal to have a more non-toxic lifestyle for me and my family. Did you know that the average women uses about 300 chemicals on her body everyday?!?! That is a pretty shocking number if you ask me.

That’s why over the years I have been trading up my artificially fragranced beauty & cleaning supplies for natural alternatives. I have always been obsessed with candles but some are pretty harmful especially when I practically burn them round the clock. I’ve since switched to soy candles which are much less carcinogenic. I have also rediscovered my love of essential oils after purchasing a Young Living Starter Kit.


Diffusing essential oils is one of my favorite ways to set the mood of my home and workplace. I love citrus and peppermint scents to bring energy and vitality. I love lavender and frankincense to wind down after a long day. I recently put one in my salon to give a more spa like energy. i think they provide much needed tranquility to our busy lives.

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Essential oils are made from steaming and distilling the plant. Not all oils are created equal and they are not regulated by the FDA for this reason it is really important to make sure you are purchasing from a company you trust that uses pure plant extract to make the oils.

There are 3 ways to use them aromatically, like in a diffuser i love looking up recipes to make my own blends my current favorite is lavender, lemon, and peppermint. You can use them on your skin topically, I dap it on my pulse points with a carrier oil & lavender or peppermint. You can even ingest them I like adding a drop of lemon to my water.


I love using essential oils to eliminate some of the harmful chemicals in artificial fragrances, if your looking for more information on how you can implement essential oils in your home my lovely friend and client Kellie Walsh with Young Living is my go to gal, if your new to oils the starter kits are a great way to begin! You can reach Kellie by email at

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