Lunar Haircuts can help your hair grow longer, thicker, and fuller

A piece of literature I always remember laying around my mom and grandmothers house was the good ol’ Farmers Almanac. For those of you not raised in the Prairies of Kansas the Farmers Almanac uses astrology and math to predict weather, and best harvest and gardening seasons.


What does this have to do with your hair, you may ask. Well the same principles can be applied when you want to grow longer, thicker, and fuller hair.

We can use astrological charts based lunar cycles to determine the best time to cut your hair for maximum growth potential just like it’s done with crops.

Civilizations across centuries and cultures (Italian, Brazilians, dating as far back as the Mayans) have used the moon cycle to ritualize trimming off the dead ends to promote luscious hair. Removing the dead ends can be likened to removing the dead leaves from a plant so nutrients can best flow to healthy leaves.  

This is also the perfect time of the month to do deep conditioning and olaxplex treatments for optimum efficacy. I will now be offering Lunar Haircutting at Bloom Beauty upcoming full moon days include February 19th and March 20th.

The lunar cycles in nature can guide us to many self-care rituals and because the energy of the moon is so powerful this is a great time to journal, set intentions, meditate, and take extra time for yourself.

with love,