Spring Closet Refresh

Back in January Brian and I along with seemingly the rest of the world watched Tidying Up with Marie Condo and we were so inspired to go through all of items and donate things. We recently moved to a new house so it felt like the perfect time to reorganize and get a jump on spring cleaning. I parted with a lot of clothing that I found no longer ‘spark joy’.

Lately if I ever find myself wearing something and thinking to myself I don’t really love this piece or it doesn’t fit me properly I’ve been adding it to my donation pile. I love my new simplified closet, it’s so much easier getting dressed when I don’t have to wade through the mess!

Now that I have a little extra space in my closet I’m feeling inspired to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. This time of year I always find it so challenging to transition from winter to spring but I’ve recently added a few new pieces that I think will help take me from dreary winter weather to warmer spring months. My picks include plenty of pastels, some that I’ve already added to my closet, and a few that are on my wish list.

Text placeholder.png

Botanical Print Dress ( I’m obsessed with this designer) | Pleated Midi Skirt | Rib Knit Sweater | ButterFly Sweatshirt (love this with leggings post workout or weekend) | Color Block Sweater | Open-toe Bootie (I’ve been on the look out for a new spring shoe) | Paige Hoxton High Waist Jeans

I hope this inspires you to ruthlessly clean out your closet Marie Kondo style and then treat yourself to some new spring pieces to spruce up your wardrobe, happy spring cleaning!

WIth love,